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Some of the new revelations by John Fanuzzi :

The Internal Stargate is the Solar plexus Chakra  10 petals 5 + 5  - the only PHI based Chakra

Numerous Mysteries of the 3 4 5 by flipping Pythagoras theorm and fitting it perfectly on the cosmic clock cross with the extra quadrant being  3 x 4 which = 12

345 bones of hands overlay perfectly on 3-4-5 cross ,  L and R make Mudras from bones

Arm /hand Bones' configuration is left brain in sequence, 1 2 4 8 7 5,  and at same time bones are Ø length ratios

Number 9 is sum of  apex angles on stellations of Platonics

9 5  and 9 1 = vortex numerology same as “I Am”, Devotion, UniPHIed Field

Modified Marko Rodin's  1 2 4 8 7 5 Circular sequence to put the 3-6-9 on a Vertical/Vortexical  axis, with 2 Horizontal Tetrahedrons with one having 3 primary colors 1 2 4, and  the other with 3 secondary colors 8 7 5  

Alternative to Black Hole by making pent pyramid go through center of Toroid  and escape cycling around the inner toroidal (karmic) wheel

Hydrogen  51  Oxygen 9  in Geonumerology  Fusion same as  “I Am  that I Am”

Color code for Platonic Solids making each element fit the face of puzzle perfectly and sequentially.  


Stellated  Chakras  - Went from 2d flat to 3d platonic shapes  

96 petal 3rd Eye  corresponds to  6 x 16 (4x4) Squares = 96 squares on a 6 sided Box. "Get out of the Box"

Numerology of Words in many cases gives clues to theories,   Look at the Stargate 10 words for Example. Most of them are words the take you to zero point.

Number 9 = eternal presence, the sum of all angles of a pent pyramid which is the fractal handshake or connector for a  uniPHIed and fractally connection to the WHOLE I SPHIrit (all 9's also)

Infinity vs InPHInitti comparison and coining InPHInitti and differentiating between rational, material,   Tetra/Octs/Cube and Sphiritual /irrational Phi Icosahedron/Dodecahedron

9 = the 7th day of creation as the 3-6-9 Axis,  the sum of 6 matter numbers 1 2 4 8 7 5, and nexus between vertical and horizontal bar

Integration of 5 and PHI into 12 zodiac sign  astrology

Imploding Violet Phire diagram which the universal transmutation geometry that reduces all frequencies to zero point without any friction

Concept of GeoNumerology using vowels and consanant ratios to correlate with shapes. For instance the number 15, but instead of reducing it to 6  it becomes a pent pyramid where the base is pent/5 going to one point .

Tomorrow,    Yesterday,   and Today

Now that I have your attention, welcome to my Virtual Home. .

Although I have many gifts and accomplishments and have mastered many trades, I still come back to my core value - creating a model uniPHIed sustainable conscious community,  put to action what has been given, and to pass on life’s experiences to the next generation.


I am always open to critique, comment, additions, or praise. I would love to hear from you.

My email is:

Special Thanks to Dan Winter for his Great Works and personal inspiration that helped me see outside of my own box some 20+ years ago, and to Dr. Randolph Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy, whose work incorporates the  Ether element in the body with the most simple and accurate body mapping system based on the zodiac signs and elements, and Marko Rodin for his contribution  - in particular in inspiring the matter world's firing order of 1 2 4 8 7 5 and motivating  me to see the 3-6-9 as a vertical Spin (Z) axis.