Poems of the Elements






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The Water elements represent the intangibles - the Spirit of the law

The Earth Elements are Tangible Letter of the law

The Water elements represent the Emotions- they put Energy in Motion

The  Water trine  spiritually is parallel to the Electrical relationship of Voltage (Vision) Resistance (Fear) Amperage (Flow) or Ohm's Law

Scorpio is the creative force

Pisces is the confidence of trust and faith

Cancer is the sign of Harmony, Love and non Attachment

As one goes through life the test s also grow to a higher responsibility and challenge. The key is to keep the three elements in balance

Its all about flowing with the dream and enjoying the ups and downs of the ride.

The Father Earth energy sets the rules but the mother has the flexibility for adjusting to the current situation

Scorpio is the  Sacred fire in the Creative act.  

Pisces rules the feet to take the forward Steps

Cancer  nurtures, cares,  loves, and protects the product or offspring

Scorpio is the  Sacred fire in the Creative act.  

Pisces rules the feet to take the forward Steps

Cancer  nurtures, cares,  loves, and protects the product or offspring

The 2 o'clock line on the cosmic clock astrology represents Mastery.

It is gained through experience. If the laws of harmony are applied life is lived with happiness and joy.

Life comes with challenges or spiritual tests. You always have the choice to stay positive.

Always keep the vision and keep positive.

Focus on the Goal and it will become physical.

Overcome all doubt with faith.

Enjoy the bends in the road.

Pass this simple way of lif on to your children by example.

Pass it on by example.

If you act like a master you will become one.

Build self confidence, Go the extra mile, and give everything your best  shot.  

The tests get tougher as life grows .

Balance these three intangible elements and the climb will be a cake walk.

Imagine  Water in a pond.

It needs fresh water refills - Scorpio or it will dry out. If you get cold feet the water will Freeze. In the sign of Cancer you must let go otherwise you will get Stagnation and Mosquitos.

Keep the pond clean.

The laws of plumbing are parallel to the laws of electricity.

The higher the resevoir or tank the greater the pressure or potential. The Valve is like the dimmer switch and the pipes are like the wires.

Keep your Harmony

Anger blows the fuse

Bad pipes burst with too much pressure

Overloaded  Wires or  start fires

A balanced emotional body gives you the maximum ability to deal with every situation.

Invention come from need, focus and desire. Keep the faith and let nothing stop YOUR vision. Do NOT let the specialists or lawyers take your power. It is your dream. Have a burning desire and your dream will manifest.

Power or Wattage is the multiplication of Voltage x Amperage.

Keep focused on the goal, Have No Fear and smile all the way.

Hope Faith and Charity is the balanced Water trine.

Superconductivity is to electricity as Superonsciousness is to Spirituality

The Balanced Water fills the Chalice of the Concrete Earth Element

The alchemist's  simple formula for manifesting the dream is the Balanced Water Element

Keep the peace  and nothing can harm you on your path

Look fear in the eye and squarely overcome it

The Sun always shines in the eye of the Hurricane.

Be a real leader. Follow your own dreams.

Mastery of the  Water Element, or Threefold Trine leads to graduation with honors from this earthly school

Live in Integrity and Focus.

Walk the Earth as a Master

This is the Middle way of the Buddha.

Do not give energy to the Left or the right