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Maybe there is a 5th Horseman, (a PHIne guy), who is the awakener of the 100th monkey effect -- the critical mass conscious.

It is said "The days could be shortened for the Elect"- or is it those who Elect to be in Presence have time awareness Shortened?

The other 4 Horsemen have been dealing out their plagues and still trample the earth to return karma, soliciting a reaction from a sleeping planet, that has devolved deeper into chaos. But, many of a like mind or a soul group have awakened, quicker than expected,  as a result of the accelerated “war on terror”. From that perspective, maybe the bad guys are not so bad, considering they provide us the chance to make a choice. Thank you Bill & Hill, GWB & dad, O, and fellow destroyers - you've done a great job bringing higher consciousness to the world. (Shiva was also the Destroyer). Just think of how many people you PISSED off, researched,  and got “off the fence” and realized their Government and Religions LIE.

Do We really need the Dark ones? -Don't we just love the repeat drama, and enjoy life and the learning process through duality in the 3d, Holographic, Illusion, Matrix World?  There must be an exit plan that is more rewarding than the painful tests of life and a day of graduation from Earth’s Schoolroom.

Oh  Great SPHIrit, how do we break clear of this “Prison Planet” that has cut off the memory of ourselves as Immortals?

Last year, with regards to current world situation,  it seemed there was no solution to deal with the all powerful US CORPORATE machine and their hidden agenda.  It’s senseless to fight against Goliath – (with their weapons and technology), so we have had only the choice to fight politically, in pen and in prayer, and hopefully get some support from the invisible forces.

Is there another way out? - Are we missing our collective initiation to broadcast hyper-dimensionally, our Fearless Warrior Mode, and draw the boundary lines against those who would dare to steal our country, our freedom, our planet, our soul?  Maybe warrior courage is the primary energy to emanate this new year? Considering the acceleration in 2009 that we have all have witnessed, we could now say that Valor and Boldness on a microcosmic level really can effect the world on a larger scale. (100th Monkey2009 has come and gone in a flash and it seems we are moving faster, and do radiate a stronger signal as we are all in a more elevated and awake state. There seems to be more synchronistic events, and hyper-dimensional group awareness everywhere we look. (What the Bleep) Are we not moving closer to a uniPHied field?

Maybe now is the time for the “Emperor”  to be the one stripped of his garments and stand naked now before the awakened (100th monkey) people.  ( We the People have already been stripped and sheared)

We have all spent years in a mental battle figuring out how to be prepared; but it seems The Bad guys force us to change and transcend by a tempering process called suffering.

Wait a minute!!

"God created all things and they are good" -- even the appearance of evil?  Are those words  part of a religious control plot? or an alteration of a rewritten bible? or Is evil part of good?, or a typo? or Which God or gods wrote this? Or deliberately placed so we could learn a different set of emotional lessons that are not so available in other worlds. (maybe the only way to repair fragmented DNA by PHI-eeling - the compassion builder)

Great creator god (Anu in Chinese) gave free will so there also had to be choices - duality. The appearance of dark ones or "Fallen Ones" (following ones) will always be following us around. They appear as our mirror and we can never win in a fight because they will re-appear again in a different guise. If you are a Self Righteous, Holy Roller, you even make them bigger and bigger in their Falling, Failing, and Following, because you have judged them, sustained them, and created a bigger “Monster”.

We do  learn best from Pain  and Suffering, more then from a life of just Mild Sadness. People who have been through the worst relationships and challenges usually write the best books.

Did we create this mess we are all in right now? ( nothing personal - I mean Planetary)

Why do we need to attract these challenges? Are we/ have we been, that dense?

Our toughest and best teachers may not always be nice - in fact they are more often even stern, cold, and Saturian.   Think of the teacher or Guru. Look at the GURU word  - Gee You R You – which is an on-going mirror to show us our stuff – not always pleasant.

Spiritually, the only way out of the battle is forgiveness of ourselves, for attracting and sustaining life’s oppositions.  Remember that quote by Jesus “Love the Enemy”. In other words accept the enemy in perfect peace, because he is your teacher and will stop appearing when the lesson is learned. OR in the PHYSICAL world, break the schoolyard bully's legs (but don't get caught)

Thank You! great leaders of the world and underworld, for waking up the people. You have done a great job, (Maybe future leaders will know what not to do because they did their job so well that we can no longer be controlled). 

As we forgive ourselves and accept the challenges we now face - for having created them, we have played our part somewhere in the linear time illusion.  The Key to planetary transformation and the changing in the twinkling of an eye is presence, which is, by laws of physics, equal to acceleration.  This will undo the long held MATRIX we put on the ENEMY within or without. Let's stop sustaining the Power we give our fallen leaders, or we will only get back what we behold in them - and remain slaves. Applaud and accept them in the Gangster role they are playing,  and forgive them and ourselves. (Ho'oponoopono extreme forgiveness is the best) 

At some point in time we created or allowed what we now have in the world.  His-Story and Her-Story repeats only because we have allowed ourselves to have fallen for their tricks and be sucked into relationships foreign to our nature. We have not only created and sustained their box, but we have created our own also.  The only way to break the loop of this Planetary battle is to cut ourselves free from any polarity /duality /opposition. As we take back our own PHire (fear we have given away) that we at some point gave the elite, they will lose power. (like soul retrieval – taking back our soul parts)

Now is come the Quantum Physics stuff - critical mass, uniPHIed field, Singularity, etc.  Perhaps 10,000 conscious people, with  simple skill of extreme forgiveness, (which causes gravity) so the laws of nature can do the perfect work – Suction, Vortex, choice of Black or White hole?

The final opportunity, bending the knee, showing compassion, is the only  parachute in this grand finale- after a job well done and causing so much pain and suffering by the polar teachers.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Now we're done and so are they - we don't need them, and they can now be released to freefall into their own black hole that now accepts their teflon coating and no longer rejects (karma) dodgers.

If,  however, we do attract a physical invasion, we ask, "Which is the best option?" Do we both fight, break the bully’s legs, and pray as George Washington and Joan of Arc did? Do we love them as we draw the line in the turf and fight them to the death?  Do we defend our divine rights to be free by maintaining perfect peace, raising our frequency, and become invisible (as in Celestine Prophecy) ?  Or do we welcome the darkness “Resist not evil so it will flee from us”?  (invite them in for dinner)

Or do we do ALL the Above?

It seems as we are all getting very close to these choices. Being conscious, and trusting in guidance, we all may very shortly become those “10,000 monkeys”, but with our Great Work intrinsically accomplished, because we have together reached critical mass, by  finally being uniPHIed, we have regained our own Memory of ourselves as Immortals, and together we “Break the Ancient Curse” of the “Old Empire “ or the Matrix and simply win.

We are WON, We are ONE  (presence- unity)

What a great time to live.

Happy New  Year!!   2010

©Jøhn Fanuzzi, inPHInitti


Black is White, Dogma /AMGOD, evil/LIVE, dog/GOD,

Comments Received from post on RMN:

What a Pro-phoundly, resonant message, John Fanuzzi!

Luke is my friend, and I’m ever so grateful to him for forwarding your polemic offering to me. As I read your beautifully-expressed perspectives, I was deeply touched and began to vibrate xstatically.

Thanx for the Awesome Amp-up as I blast off into 2010…and right back atcha!!



Again, I appreciate your thoughts to Luke and his sharing w/me.


In Joy!


Re: 2010 - The 5th Horseman Rides

I saw the 5th Horseman and thought Brenda Negri (who I miss) however , your article is probably going to be the best one for the entire year, though realized by a few unfortunately, BRAVO!!!


Re: 2010 - The 5th Horseman Rides

bRaiVO jOHn, hapi new year day to U thatwas some GooD 2010 readin no? iameen yes! And i would say all of the above,man we have been go-od teachers ind eed this will be a very fast collapsing time kinda yea rweek! pEAce tOM

Re: 2010 - The 5th Horseman Rides

A most excellent essay, thank you!

Knowing that the followers of the alien force of seperateness are used for good in spite of themseves,

For Love, Unity & Reconciliation,

VegaBob :-)


I wondered why you have been quiet, you have been working on you 5th Horseman document. As usual it is very deep, and makes some good points, and asks good questions. The answer will be found in a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ, Sun of Righteousness. Which is what I use as most worship the Sun-god Lucifer and call him Jesus, and think they are following the true God, when they are deceived. That is what the war is all about here at the end of the world, choose whom we will serve.

Jesus never uses force, but a gentle "come to me and I will give you rest." We cannot work our way into the Kingdom, we are loved into the Kingdom.

Happy New Year,



I like the part where it says love they enemy - when you have learned the lesson, he will disappear.

From Donna


Excellent article, thanks for sending it. Wish you had a blog to put comments on.

More people should see this. I would like to link to it if it was on the web from my



My heart loves you. This solstice is unlike any I have ever experience. Since December 24 every cell in my field is jumping up and down with excitement and all around me people are anchoring themselves in with more misery.

I just opened an email from an email friend that was so full of hopeless despair at the state of reflected movie that I had to close the email. Then to divert my attention I thought I would click onto RMN site and see what others were feeling. And there you were with the most beautiful post imagineable. I am sending him a copy of your post.

Yes this whole thing is a continuing Heaven VS Hell saints vs sinners game. The other day I was torn between responding in seriousness or complete levity to people's states of despair. As I viewed everything as a big picture landscape before the close of this wondrous solstice. I saw a world of people collected around jail house tables Monday-morning quartering current events from within the pages of the Armageddon play book. Like watching a TV and trying to get it to change its droning programming. This is the choice - to live in Disney Dream Machine land or take your chances by leaping directly into the flow of life.

I always choose the latter and I am pleased to have company. The show that is about to unfold will be like no other. Every hair on my head is raised in sheer delighted anticipation. This is how humanity will detach from the dramas created from the eternal trauma states of a fearful mind. By being bombarded with these completely transforming unconditional heart frequencies.

Biggest blessings imagineable to you John.



From L.A.

Doubt thou the stars are fire

Doubt that the sun doth move

Doubt truth to be a liar

but never doubt...