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Internal Stargate Series      by John Michele Fanuzzi


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Elemental Polarity Class

Synchronicity increases as time knits. Time is the thread at each end and becomes one in the center.


share points in  time

They  Co(me)-inside.

Points of Time become uniPhied by the Crystal Prism and the warp of  linear time in the Dodeca geometry. The more insphired we become - the more we are in the Present/Presence, time collapses -

Oh! howTime Phi-s

when you are having fun

SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS is when life flows and one's thoughts and desires manifest immediately and with Synchronicity

2 Points To 1 Point

Conical Coil

forms Vortex=


Increased Frequency

Decreased Wavelength

Waveform of PHI

Forms Phi nesting Structure

Duality to unity

PHI unites the Whole I Sphirit


20 Vertice Points

12 Faces

Structure of Phi

2 Stellated Points

Synchronicities 11:11

Living in Non Duality

Stellated Dodeca 12 Points, 60 Faces

Crystalized world

All Communication UniPHIed by geometry of time flow

12 Stellated points

12 Strand DNA??

Zodiac and Chakras Crystalized

Multi-dimensionality, Telepathy

All Knowing

2 pent Pyramids together form 12 pointed Icosa

2 to 12

UniPHIed Field =Superconsciousness = Raising DNA from  2 to 12 Strand  

Astrological timetables


linear and predictable and are a function of 3d Matrix


CO_INCIDENCES are Unplanned and Unexpected and

more a function of PRESENT 5d time.


Accelerated OR PRESENT Time BECOMES UniPHIied.  

InPHInit Communication with all other Points of light IS POSSIBLE.    It correlates with SUPERCONDUCTIVITY, SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS, SERENDEPITY, AND SYCHRONICITY

9 is the number of the UNIVERSAL Thread.  of Time. All Angles of Pent geometry = 9 including the sum and face angles of all Vertice points.

this is the WHOLE I Sphirit of teh age of Aquarius and 5D         DODECA - TIME

12 pentagrams @ 5 sides = 60

    5 minutes per line of clock

   12 lines of clock

      60 seconds in a minute

      60 minutes in an hour

12 Pent pyramids face in at night

12 Pent pyramids face out at day

    24 hours in a day

Good chance the etheric blueprint descends from the Akasha void  in WAVE form  in  Cosmic, Gamma, and X-ray frequencies to bring in tLinear Time

resides on the outer spiral and is at constant velocity - Distance/ Time. Cycles in time are governed by the motion of the planets and stars traveling around us. awareness of time or anxiety keeps us in the matrix of 3d.  As one changes tracks and rides into 5d Dodeca geometry there is no awareness of time as we connect with the Whole I Sphirit or ZERO Point

Points of Stellation enable changes in axis and are cosmic hubs. This  InPHInit geometry connects all with the Whole -I- SPHIrit.  All points Co-Inside (Come Inside), and make

Co-incidences, Synchronicities, and

Serendipities into regular occurances.

Points also make friends - PHIrends.    

"Little Guy" connects with the "Big Guy"

Did Michelangelo know Fractal PHI Geometry?

OUT-BREATH  starts the clock and Matter-realization

5 Nested Cubes  from Dodeca represent 5 Elements

96 faces


3rd Eye.

"Hey! Wanna be my PHIrend?OUT-BREATH  starts the clock and Matter-realization

5 Nested Cubes  from Dodeca represent 5 Elements

Time  11:11, Ether (11), the Changing perspective of Time (11)  

2 Strand DNA (one linear direction) to  12 Strand DNA (InPHInit directions and points in Space)

I think Michelangelo knew of Zero Point, Ether, and the Golden Ratio. He was from Florence, which is spelled  Firenze  and pronounced PHIends  - a 5 petaled flower

I once sat in a circle of 12 and realized there were 5 people when Ilooked out at 60º