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Back in 1982, at 30,000 feet in an airplane, I got a brainstorm and put the 3 4 5 Pythagorean theorum on a cross in an attempt to fit together the 5 elements and their PHI relationship with the 3 and 4 of traditional Astrology.  I discovered by rotating the traditional diagram and making a cross there was an unoccupied quadrant, which fit perfectly and housed the missing 3x4=12 and the Son/Mental/Air Quadrant of the Cosmic Clock initiatory astrology. It was not till 28 years later that I realized that when adding the traditional 2d shapes - the Triangle, Circle, Square, and Pentagon, they also fit perfectly into the respective quadrants. Shortly after, in stellating the 2d shapes to 3d pyramids, the 345 Cross corresponded not only the shapes, but to the bones of the fingers on the right hand.  When mirroring the cross there were really male and female, upper and lower pyramids, thus a left hand cross for the lower pyramid. I noticed  that instead of just the stellated pyramids of the one polarity,  they formed platonic solids when they were interlaced.  This gave me a personal hypothesis that the positions of the hand bones creating geometry may be related to hand Mudras.  see 345 Slides, 345 Cross, 345 Hands.

I had another amazing observation  and that was that all of the Platonic Solid face angles' numerlogy added up to 9, the Vertice point of the combined angles added up to 9, and the angles of a triangle, square, and pentagram  also added up to 9.  see 9 Angles.  It came to me that the stellation points of a dodecahedron could connect to each other anywhere in space/time at the points, and time would flow along the lines which inspired my own UniPHIed Field theory.

see UnPHIed Field, Time 11:11,

To explain my discoveries on the number 9, I will start by retracing my inspirational steps. Remember I am more a puzzle solver and inventor than a college trained scientist.

I started looking at the numerology of geometric shapes. I first applied it to I Am that I Am and it turned out to be: I = 9 and AM = 5 giving 2 pent pyramids with the 5-9 forming vortexical top and bottom and icosa/dodea when interlaced. It reminded me of the CERN picture of a hallway, which resembled a Stargate, that I saw in the newspaper in September, 2008, which was the first startup of CERN. The timing was synchronistic and inspired giving the solar plexus chakra the name Internal Stargate, and was the beginning of the rest of Internal Stargate series. I had sent the drawing to a friend who emailed it to the Rumor Mill News. I was asked if I would like to be a posting agent of RMN and I accepted.   Week by week I started drawing and posting on that internet forum.   I had no idea what I would be putting up the next week; however, even to my surprise many more  pieces started coming and fitting together as I continued in the series.    

The 1 and 9 are connected in that the angles of the 1 point the angles of that stellation point add up to 9, and the letter "S" is the 19th letter and best represents the Tai Chi. They are the beginning and end of Pythagorean numerology.  Another major realization was that the Solar Plexus Chakra was the only Chakra Divisible by 5, thus inspiring a  redraw of the Chakras in a new perspective adding a totally new potential for investigation of the Chakras as related to their potential Crystalization into the 5d/Ascension  process.

I noticed that the Numerological value of I Am, DeVotion, and UniPhied Field each being the same 9 and 5, which led to researching the numerological value of words and started a library of words.

There had to be a place for geometry merged with numbers which led to a new type of numerology called GeoNumerology based on the marriage of Geometry and Numerology.

At about the same time period, I watched Marko Rodin's videos and realized the 9 was very sacred, but he was coming from a totally different angle. He revealed many secrets of the sequence of 1 2 4 8 7 5  which is from the powers of 2, or cell division being 1 2 4 8 16 32  or a repeating 1 2 4 8 7 5  firing order..  Inspired, I saw the 1 2 4 8 7 5 numbers of the 1 thru 9 represented  a little differently -  I related it to 6 days of creation in this Physical 3d world  numerologically all adding up to 9, being the silent and still point/zero point/presence before the cycle repeated with 1, thus  being the "day of rest" in the creation story of Genesis.

I then had a conversation with Marko in which he said there was no such thing as PHI. I agreed in that the sequence continues indefinitely around the toroidal loop so from his perspective there was no PHI. From my perspective; however,  there was room for the Golden Ratio irrational number PHI.

Immediately I then realized that going around the toroid was the planetary trap that we are currently in called DUALITY. That inspired me to put the 3 6 9 vertical instead of in the upside down "V" that Marko had in his artwork, as a vertical or vortexical bar on a cross. This also lead me to the realization that the doubling/powers of2/sequential/cell division/1 2 4 8 7 5  number sequence was indeed the MATRIX, repeating, reptilian, left brain, horizontal bar similar to the Serial processor on a computer. The I am that I am was the vertical bar of a cross, and the RAM - Random Access Memory - a parallel processor connected to Source, that gives all life and inspiration - right brain.. The letter R and letter I are both 9 words so I Am so theoretically RAM could be related in that I Am  (the name of God), the all knowing presence, much like  RAM in the computer world having access to all in all directions vs Serial processing.

The repeating karmic cycle of inFinity, with an F, is as in a repeating loop and associated with 3d and 4d is opposed to the vertical axis that would correlate to 5d, the ascension geometry, eternal presence, and the mystery of the I Am that I Am. This also indicated a major difference between infinity being a continuous loop and the 8 sideways being the infinity number, and inPHInitti with a PHI, where  everything from microcosm to macrocosm can expand and contract geometrically. The TWO different spellings I have distinctly differentiated as having TWO distinctly different meanings  -   Infinity vs InPHInitti  I would also note that the number 8 in traditional numerology represents Material success,  which some call the root of all evil, and perhaps keeps many repeating the cycle of reincarnation. InPHInitti, with PHI, on the other hand represents the vertical bar of the cross and will connect all to Source and the ascension process.

Further incubation and contemplation lead me to take the 1 2 4 8 7 5  sequence from 2d hexagran to 3d Star Tetrahedron with the 3-6-9 being a time axis.  Unsurprisingly it fit like a glove. The sums of the 2 individual tetrahedrons within the cube/star tetra being 1-4-7 and axis 6 = 9 and so does 2-8-5 and axis 3 = 9.

Another indicator when searching for answers is the body, being a microcosm of the universe. The Bones are Sequential 1 2 4 8 7 5  in number (left brain serial processor), but they are also PHI ratio in length (Parallel processing inspiring right brain) .

In the healing arts science of Polarity Therapy, the body is mapped based on the 12 signs of the zodiac, that represents 3 major regions - Positive, Neutral, And Negative, with each region having 4 elements - Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. There are also 5 Elements - Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth that run from the center of the body outward, with Ether being in the center and Earth being on the sides. See Body Astrology

For balance in the body each element must be balanced. There are 4 equilateral triangles, each having 3 equal lines representing the 3 polarities of the element when in balance. When all 4 triangles are balanced, all 4 can come together to form a tetrahedron.

In Sacred Geometry there are 5 cubes that Nest inside of a Dodecahedron. Each of the cubes nests 2 tetrahedrons - being positive and negative or male and female.

Fitting the puzzle there would have to be 5 balanced tetrahedrons on each side of the body, or 5 nested cubes containing 5 Male Tetrahedrons and 5 Female Tetrahedrons, representing the 5 elements - Ether,Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. In these 3d Platonic shapes, they would represent a Perfected Chrystal-ized body. Go to  Body Astrology and Scroll down to the 2nd slide.

And when taken to another level, all of the Chakras can theoretically stellate and Chrystalize

Again -Here is what I mean by Stellate:   See Stellations

Getting back on track to number 9 being a number of Presence/ Zero Point /Still Point, it would, therefore, also have to be part of the fascia of the entire universe inPHInitly connecting eveything, just as the fascia in the body connects all muscle tissue and holds all the emotional records. It would have to be part of the multidimensionality of a stellated dodeca and thus being related to the fractility of the microcosm / macrocosm. It would have to be a thread that could be touched from anywhere. It would have to  UniPHI everything.  See UniPHied Field

The theory would have to relate to Synchronicity, apex points being a 1, and whose angles add up to 9. The number 1 (apex) and 9 now fit as being cosmic connectors. Mystically - 1 and 9 are beginning and end .  See Time 11:11

Based on Rodin's amazing work and my own discoveries bringing in the element of Geometry, we have to accept Numerology, in which some scientists would consider "Flakey", to actually be a science. I have named it GeoNumerology. This repeating doubling sequence accounts for fractility on all dimensions, which would also have to be related to pent/dodeca/icosa geometry. When I first heard physicist Nassiem Haramein give his presentation on the nature of the universe being Cube - Octa - Tetra and Toroidal, I had the same issues that I had with Marko Rodin - that issue being no mention of PHI. To me that meant there is no SPHIrit and only Matter, which is typical of analytical, traditional, science and physics, and left/reptilian brain.  

Because of my disagreement with showing only the material part of the answer, I put my attention on how to get PHI out of a toroid with its repetitious cycles. After returning home from a conference in Calgary in November 2009, in which Dan Winter, Nasseim Harramein, Pat Flannigan, and many other quantum geniuses presented, I was still not fulfilled as to the right answer regarding this PHI issue. There was much discussion about black holes and suction, but still not coming close to fulfilling my own inner questions.

The evening of the next day, after returning from the conference, I got inspired to build a toroid out odf a piece of flexible dryer duct and adding a continuous PENT loop of tape. Then I stayed up late to draw it. This satisPHIed my desire to integrate Toroid to PHI, the Material world to SPHIrit, 3d/4d to 5d , and Reincarnation to Ascension. It enabled a way to escape the black hole and recycling process to an ascinsion in the light. Here's the link to this new perspective : Black Hole . Scroll down - there are many Templates

I woke up at 4 am that morning and  I wanted to confirm if there was a White Hole option which is fusion and becoming a STAR in contrast to the black hole theory. I did the numerology of Hydrogen and it turned out to be 51 - a 5 and a 1, a pent Pyramid . Oxygen turned out to be a 999.  Another Confirmation fo me.

Thus, the numbers of the letters gave another valuable confirmation, that there can be a Y on the spiritual path to get off the karmic recycling loop of the repeating toroid. Perhaps as the Mayans were right when they said there were 5 Suns cycles in the 26,000 year procession of the equinox. Maybe a portal opens up at each 5 segment making Pent Geometry the to get off the Karmic Wheel/Toroid and get to presence 9.  Just as Oxygen adds up to a 9, so does Whole-I-Sphirit, Source, Sun, Love, I, Oxygen, and Breath, Head, and Hand.

Recently I had another hunch and got my answer by looking at the Mayan Calander, which is based in part in the 26,000 year revolution around the Galactic Center. There are 5 worlds or 5 suns each being 5125 years. From 2012 back 5125 years. That would be the beginning of recorded history with the Sumerian civilization in 3113 bc, and the beginning of this world. That could mean that 2012 may hold a Pent time thread that could be a doorway, portal/stargate or opening to a multidimensional world and eliminate linear time as we perceive it.

I would also guess we will all be accelerating from duality to singularity if we choose and pass our planetary graduation test in the near future.

The 1 2 4 8 7 5  number /color sequence may give fresh food for thought for all researchers who can add to the puzzle. The 1 2 4 8 7 5   could be waves or digital packets that form matter and carry the memory when integrated in theā€  5 tetra/cubes that are born and nested in dodeca.

I have cracked a COLOR puzzle that may have not been known, at least not in any recent history. I had a hypothesis and that was that if there are 6 vertices on an Octahedron, with 4 faces/planes looking from each point, there must be 6 different combinations of 4 colors or 4 elements, and sure enough that worked out and was an easy puzzle to fiqure out - and the theory was proven correct. When I looked at the Icosahedron with 12 points, I had a similar hypothesis, and that was there were 12 vertice points with 5 faces/sides, a pentagon, per point. It took 2 weeks to fiqure out the puzzle but it was well worth the time to have fulfilled my theory being 5 different color combinations for each of the 12 points. The 5 colors would actually be Black, White, Red, Yellow and Blue, whose combinations can make an inPHInit number of colors. This is exactly related to the color wheel on a computer.

With the color fitting so perfectly, it was time to revisit many of the previous diagrams and redo the color of numbers and shapes.  

There are still many more parts to the puzzle and quantum questions which this Internal Stargate series may trigger. I encourage questions and more puzzle pieces to a more to raise up a more conscious way of life on this planet, and  hope considering the current condition on the planet. Maybe we can crack the prison walls next.

Storyline for the unfoldment of Internal Stargate series