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I am available for design consulting in concept through detail :

John Michele Fanuzzi  (pronounced Michael)

2849 US Hwy 89 South

Emigrant, MT 59027

406 589-1111

Born:   November 12, 1950 



Hasbrouck Heights High School in NJ  -  Honor Society

Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute

Newark College of Engineering


Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Science and Technology (College of Christian Education)


Early History:


Foundational years: (I would consider the most important)

I came from a very good middle class family and learned early if I wanted anything I had to work for it.  

Mixed concrete at 9 years old, worked for great uncle, built and raced in Soap box derby at ages 11  and 12,  remodeled basement in my house at age 13,

Built large Paper Route at age 12, became Honor carrier, played baseball and foot ball in high school.

I started young as an entrepreneur, selling crafts door to door at age 9, shoveling snow, waxing cars, and purchased own car, a Corvette, at 17 years old with my own money saved. I also built my own engines and did my own body work as I sported drag racing for thrills.  


After College:

Started working for a large concrete construction company in the summers as a carpenter and was general foreman at by age 22.  Joined the engineering department by age 25  and worked specifically in creating detailed concrete field drawings for the College of Medicine and Dentistry in Newark, NJ.  At that same time, I built my own house by myself, nights and weekends for a year.

In 1981, I had moved outside of Philadelphia and worked as a superintendent on historical restoration in downtown Philadelphia, and later assistant project manager with a smaller non-union company. 


While in the Philadelphia area I started a therapy table manufacturing company (on the side) out of my garage. That business started slowly but doubled each year for the next 5 years.  Business profits quickly passed up earnings made in the construction industry to enable me to quit my job, and to grow the new business.


I moved to the Paradise Valley in Montana in 1985 with a young family, which grew to a total of 5 boys with that marriage. In the next 20 years we manufactured and sold over $80 million in therapy equipment, which included 10 personal patents, and became and industry leader in innovation and one of the largest employers in the county. I did 100% of the design on all products and detailed and built all phases of the physical plant. The business had a profit every year, but succumbed to the Chinese knockoff invasion and financial crisis in 2007. 


In 2002 I met my beloved wife, Norah, and had 2 more children, this time girls, and fortunately bought a basalt rock quarry business, which survived the downturn that came later in 2007. It has been profitable every year since.


The quarry has led me to a new career in seeking alternative and “green” building materials - particularly a non-Portland Cement .



Currently I have been part of a great team in producing the cement for the future. Besides cement chemistry, I have many hats, gained mostly from business experience. Besides aspiring to a life of honor I love researching new building materials with making basalt fiber inexpensively here in Montana.1


Hands on skills:

Construction site planning, detailing, design,  and drafting 

Marketing, Sales, Trade shows, and copy writer

Executive skills including financial and cost accounting and general management

Graphic and Web skills

Keynote Speaker and Radio show host

Master Carpenter – Mastery in layout, framing, form work, cabinet and millwork

Designer and builder of own buildings and homes well over 100,000 sf in all

Other trades – Electrical, Plumbing, Tile,  Welding, Finishing 

Heavy Equipment Operator

Quarry Owner     

Other Skills:

Geometer, GeoNumerologer, Astrologer

Polarity and Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Other websites: